Costco Kirkland Signature Muffins Review


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Costco Kirkland Signature Muffins

I'll examine each Costco muffin flavor and provide nutrition information!

So what makes a really good  Muffins?

Moist, fluffy texture with crunchy streusel topping and big chunks of fruit baked into a perfectly domed muffin.

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Location in Store

Costco has muffins in the bakery. The Canadian item number is 192026 and the US number is 24311.

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Warm, fluffy muffins bursting with sweet blueberries and a delicate crumb; Kirkland's baked goods offer comfort and nostalgia at an unbeatable bulk price.

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You can only buy two Costco muffin packs. Two boxes of six muffins cost $9.99 Canadian and US dollars, which is reasonable! Under $1 per muffin.

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600 calories  33g fat  800mg sodium  67g carbohydrates  33g sugar  9g protein  3g fiber

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– Flour  – Sugar  – Blueberries – Butter or oil  – Eggs – Milk – Leavening agents – Salt – Vanilla extract – Lemon zest or juice